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4 Reasons to Choose an Orthodontists over a Dentist

4 Reasons to Choose an Orthodontists over a Dentist

Date: August 31, 2023

There are many dentists out there that offer orthodontic services to their patients. However, they don’t
offer the same expertise as our board-certified orthodontists at Braces R Us. While a dentist may focus on
your overall oral health, orthodontists focus solely on correcting bites and aligning teeth. Here are a few
reasons why it’s better to choose a qualified orthodontist over a dentist who offers orthodontic treatment.


  1. Specialize in Orthodontics
    Compared to dentists, orthodontists complete an extra 2-3 years of study in orthodontics before
    offering treatment to patients. The additional years of education are what make an orthodontist
    qualified to move your teeth into optimal alignment.

    More specifically, orthodontists can fix:
    *Misaligned teeth *Overbite
    *Crowded teeth *Underbite
    *Spaces between teeth *Crossbites
    *Tooth and jaw pain caused by improper bite

    Dental school programs don’t offer training for how to straighten teeth, which makes general
    dentists unqualified to offer orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop them from
    doing so to make some extra cash. Our board-certified orthodontists at Braces R Us will make
    sure your teeth are moved properly so you can enjoy a straight, healthy smile.

  2. Can Save You Time and Money
    A general dentist doesn’t have the same training as an orthodontist, which means they could
    easily make costly mistakes. Teeth that are moved improperly could also introduce dental issues
    you didn’t have prior to treatment, such as an overbite or jaw pain.It’s not uncommon for orthodontists to have to fix mistakes made by general dentists who thought
    they could straighten teeth. Unfortunately, this means that you may have to spend more time and
    money to repair damage done by general dentists.
  3. Have More Experience
    Orthodontists correct bites and straighten teeth for a living. This means that they have more
    experience than general dentists at improving the appearance and function of our smile.
    General dentists are better suited for maintaining overall oral health because they look for signs
    of tooth decay, gum disease, and more. If you would like to straighten your teeth or are having
    pain in your teeth and jaw from an improper bite, your dentist should refer you to a trusted
  4. Offer a Wide Variety of Treatment Options
    Many general dentists only offer Invisalign treatment to patients with misaligned teeth. However,
    not all patients are ideal candidates for Invisalign and may benefit more from traditional braces.
    Orthodontists offer a wide variety of orthodontic treatments and different types of braces like
    Invisalign clear aligners, ceramic braces, and metal braces. This way, you can be sure that you
    are getting the most effective orthodontic treatment for your smile. After all, you don’t want to
    waste money on a method that won’t move teeth safely and effectively.Make an Appointment Today
    Our board-certified orthodontists at Braces R Us strive to help patients feel confident with beautiful
    healthy smiles.Make an orthodontics appointment in Mesa, AZ today
    Make an orthodontics appointment in Twin Falls / Hailey, ID today

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