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Ceramic Braces Brackets Mesa AZ

Ceramic Braces Brackets Mesa AZ

If you had your heart set on clear Invisalign braces only to learn that you weren't a good candidate for treatment, you may be looking into other options for creating a more beautiful smile. Ceramic braces & brackets in Mesa, AZ are an excellent alternative to clear plastic aligners; at Braces R Us, we proudly offer ceramic braces to patients who are looking for discreet teeth straightening. Request a new patient consultation to discuss your smile goals with an othodontist from Braces R Us; call our Mesa office today to get started.

5 Distinct Advantages Of Ceramic Braces & Brackets In Mesa, AZ

1. Innovative clear ceramic braces may do the same job of conventional metal braces, but they have one very interesting difference- they're nearly invisible. When you smile with ceramic braces, friends and new acquaintences will only notice your smile. Unlike metal braces that have a ‘railroad track' appearance, clear ceramic braces do a better job of minimizing the appliance and maximizing your smile. As well, arch wires can be colored to make your ceramic braces almost entirely undetectable, even from a few feet away.

2. Orthodontic ceramic is more durable than you may think. It's a misconception that ceramic is more prone to break, compared with metal. The fact is, through state-of-the-art technology, dental ceramic is expertly crafted to last the entire duration of your orthodontic treatment.

3. You may be wondering how you'll ever get though high school picture day with braces. Rest easy knowing that ceramic braces are not noticeable in photographs. If you're an adult in need of braces and feel apprehensive about how braces will make you look on the job, you'll find that only those working closest with you on projects will have a clue that you're straightening your teeth. If you frequently give powerpoint speeches or talks at seminars, only your smile will be noticed by the crowd- not your braces.

4. Although you may have had your hopes up that you would be eligible for Invisalign clear braces, there are a few reasons why ceramic braces are a better choice; specifically, ceramic braces can deliver faster results than Invisalign. Patients with Invisalign braces are often tempted to remove their aligners for longer time-frames than recommended by their orthodontist. Your ceramic braces will be in place 24/7, working to create your new smile.

5. Ceramic brackets are less irritating to soft tissue compared with metal brackets, so you won't have to deal with discomfort on the same level as patients fitted with metal braces. A recent poll suggests that your overall experience with ceramic braces & brackets in Mesa, AZ will be far more tolerable than conventional orthodontic appliances.

Read more about the many benefits of clear ceramic braces when you explore Braces R Us online. Use our Web Chat feature to get in touch with someone from our team if you have questions about any of the treatment options we offer in our clinic. When you're ready, schedule a consultation by calling 480-668-8200 in Mesa.

Ceramic Braces Brackets Mesa AZ
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Ceramic Braces Brackets Mesa AZ
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