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Dental Retainer Fitting Mesa AZ

Dental Retainer Fitting Mesa AZ

Dental retainers are installed to keep newly straightened teeth from leaving their position. Retainers are often worn for several years, but there are cases where patients have worn them for as long as possible. It all depends on how you care for them.

Who Needs Dental Retainers

Everyone who undergoes orthodontic treatment needs to have retainers installed after removing their braces. The reason is that retainers are designed to support the work done by the braces as the gums help adjust to the teeth's new position. You are also expected to wear the retainers day and night.

Types of Retainers

There are four types of dental retainers that you could use:


This type of dental retainer is a metal wire that goes around the entire row of teeth to fix their position. Hawley retainers are designed to rest on the palate and can be adjusted through their two omega loops.


The Essix retainer is a vacuum-formed dental retainer made of PVC material with a clear, transparent appearance. It can be fitted over the entire row of teeth or clipped on to cover only a set number of teeth.


The Zendura dental retainer is made with a polymeric material designed to offer patients an invisible alternative to wired retainers.

Bonded Retainers

This type of dental retainer is known as a fixed retainer. It forms passive wires permanently bonded to the incisors and thus cannot be removed.

Benefits of Installing Dental Retainers

Some of the benefits of dental retainers include:

  • Improving chewing
  • Improving breathing
  • Correcting speech problems

How the Procedure Works

Installing retainers is straightforward, except for bonded retainers that must be cemented behind the teeth.

For removable retainers, the patient gets strict instructions on how to properly wear and wear the retainers until they get used to them. These are some of the instructions:

  • Hold the retainer with the arch points facing forward to verify its quality and condition.
  • Place the retainer over the appropriate row of teeth inside the mouth and push the retainer into place.
  • Generally, retainers do not cause pain or discomfort unless some complications arise.

Possible Risks and Complications

Dental retainers rarely cause any discomfort, except complications arise. Retainers might take some getting used to, and some often forget to wear or carry the retainer cases. But they get used to them after a while.

Bonded retainers can cause tartar buildups because they cannot be removed; cleaning them or flossing can be difficult. Then there is also the tendency for bonded retainers to become loose after some time.

If you want the best results from your dental retainers, make it a point of duty to visit your dentist regularly for as long as you wear them.

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Dental Retainer Fitting Mesa AZ
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