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Orthodontist specialist Mesa AZ - Resources

Orthodontist specialist Mesa AZ


As part of the dedicated team at Braces R Us in Mesa, AZ, our role extends far beyond simply applying braces. An orthodontist, by definition, is a specialist dentist who corrects irregularities in teeth and jaws. We offer a wide range of services, tailoring each treatment plan to meet the unique needs of our patients. Our qualifications stem from years of specialized training beyond dental school, focusing on aligning jaws and moving teeth into healthier positions.

Importance of Visiting an Orthodontist

Seeking treatment from an orthodontist is not just about improving the appearance of your smile. Proper alignment of your teeth and jaws can significantly impact your oral and overall health, preventing issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and difficulty in chewing or speaking. By choosing Braces R Us, you're not just investing in a brighter smile, but also in a healthier future.


Importance of Seeing a Specialist

An orthodontist specialist brings a level of expertise that is unrivaled in the field of dentistry. Specializing in orthodontics allows us to provide high-quality, precise treatments that achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Differences Between a General Dentist and Orthodontist Specialist

While general dentists provide comprehensive dental care, an orthodontist specializes in correcting teeth and jaw alignment issues. This specialization requires additional years of education focused solely on these areas, ensuring that as orthodontist specialists, we have the depth of knowledge and experience to handle even the most complex cases.

Mesa, AZ

Our Mesa, Arizona location at 1010 S. Crismon Rd. #101 is ideally situated to serve our community with top-notch orthodontic care. Finding an orthodontist specialist in Mesa, AZ, has never been easier, thanks to our accessible office and friendly staff ready to welcome you.

Local Orthodontist Specialist Options

Braces R Us Mesa, AZ offers a diverse range of orthodontic treatments catered to the unique needs of each patient. We pride ourselves on being a local leader in orthodontic care, providing innovative solutions and a personalized approach to treatment.

Orthodontic Treatments

  • Braces - Traditional metal braces to more aesthetic options.
  • Invisalign - A clear, removable alternative to braces.
  • Retainers - Essential for maintaining the results of orthodontic treatment.
  • Orthodontic Surgery - For more complex jaw and teeth alignment issues.

Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

Understanding the cost of orthodontic treatment is important. At Braces R Us, we believe in transparency and offer detailed consultations to discuss insurance coverage and payment plans. Our goal is to ensure that financial constraints do not prevent anyone from accessing the orthodontic care they need.

Insurance Coverage

Our experienced staff at Braces R Us is here to assist with insurance claims and paperwork, helping you understand your benefits and coverage options.

Payment Plans

We offer flexible payment plans to make orthodontic treatment more accessible. Our team is dedicated to finding a payment solution that fits your budget, ensuring that cost is not a barrier to achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.

Choosing the Right Orthodontist Specialist


When choosing the right orthodontist specialist, personal recommendations can be incredibly valuable. Ask friends, family, or your general dentist for their experiences and suggestions.


Online reviews can also provide insight into patient satisfaction and the quality of care provided. At Braces R Us, we're proud of the positive feedback we've received from our patients in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding communities.

Consultation Process

We invite you to start your journey to a healthier smile with a consultation at our Mesa, AZ office. This initial appointment is a chance to meet our team, learn more about our services, and discuss how we can meet your orthodontic needs.

At Braces R Us, our commitment goes beyond just braces. We're dedicated to providing comprehensive orthodontic care that reflects the uniqueness of each patient we serve. From the initial consultation to the final reveal of your new smile, you can trust that you're in expert hands. We look forward to welcoming you to our Mesa, AZ location and becoming your trusted partner in orthodontic care.

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