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Our Mission

At Braces R Us we believe in creating a smile that will last a lifetime.

We understand how important a smile is, because that smile is attached to a person, who is attached to a family who then is attached to a community. He goes above and beyond on each and every patients smile because as he says, “My work will forever be a part of you!” In order to achieve these lifetime results, Dr. Williams treats the highest standard of care as a Board Certified Orthodontist. Only 1 in 5 Orthodontists reach this standard of care and must re-certify every 10 years.

We specialize in providing affordable orthodontic treatment utilizing Invisalign and Braces. Feel free to look at our seasonal promotions and we guarantee you will find an option that works for you. Visit us and see how we give More Value, More Solutions, and More to Smile About!

Family owned and operated, we provide quality orthodontic care in a caring, fun and family oriented atmosphere. Braces R Us provides orthodontics Invisalign for children and adults. Our initial consultation is always free of cost! Come in and see what we can do for you or your child’s smile.

At Braces R Us Orthodontics we make braces fun and affordable. Dr. Williams mission is to make everyone smile! Studies show that people who smile get better grades in school, make higher salaries at work, and have longer lasting relationships. Combining over 20 years of experience, cutting edge technology and time tested treatment methods, Dr. Williams and his team diligently work to give their patients a smile they will love.

We have interest free payment plans, accept most insurances, and are Medicaid providers. Along with Invisalign, we also use a state-of-the-art bracket system that is gentle, comfortable, fast and gives fantastic results. Our staff is complemented daily by patients and local dental offices saying we are the friendliest, kindest office, offering outstanding service. Come in and see why others are going the Braces R Us Way!

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