Meet The Braces R Us Mesa Team of Orthodontic Assistants

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Meet The Team

So you want a beautiful smile without those metal brackets, who would you choose to do your Invisalign treatment?

Here at Brace R Us Orthodontics, Dr. Williams was chosen to do an orthodontic reps’ Invisalign treatment out of hundreds of other doctors in the multiple states in which the rep covers.

Why do our Invisalign cases here at Braces R Us finish better than the average Provider?

We do not rely on the Invisalign technicians to give you a generalized plan, instead every one of our 2700 Invisalign patients, and growing, have been custom designed by Dr. Williams to specifically meet the needs of each patient allowing more value on your dollar spent with your orthodontic treatment.

How our Dr. ‘s expertise stands up with todays technology?

Dr Williams was one of a select few designated to pilot the new 3D bracket system made by one of the largest orthodontic companies worldwide, and helped to update their techniques to become more efficient and how to make braces more comfortable.


When it comes to your smile, you want one of those broad beautiful smiles, so how do you choose someone with the most experience?

Well, Dr. Williams here at Braces R Us Orthodontics has over 20 years of orthodontic experience as well as being Board Certified in which he is required to uphold this certification, one of an elite group of 1200 orthodontists nationwide, which is recognized world-wide. This higher standard has not gone unnoticed, the government has awarded Dr. Williams with the Physician of the Year Award and the President’s National Leadership Award. In Fact, Dr. Williams was also privileged to be trained by the past president of the American Board of Orthodontics. In his residency, he excelled at learning Orthodontics and was asked to teach orthodontics while he was attending an Orthodontic residency at the University of Tennessee. During that time he published 5 research papers, with one of them being over 300 pages as a thesis that reported the findings of an internationally known orthodontist worldwide about retention. With all of this experience and qualifications at Braces R Us Orthodontics, it allows us to provide the best care at the most accommodating prices specifically and individually tailored to you.

At what age is the best time to see an orthodontist for a smile evaluation?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends all children have an orthodontic evaluation before age seven. Being seen by age seven can help prevent and catch major medical and dental problems that may occur if not treated early enough. If not seen, this can lead to surgeries costing more than five times the expense of braces. You are never too old for orthodontic treatment. Straight teeth and a good bite can help prevent gum problems and premature wearing of your teeth. It can also help avoid costly and painful Temporomandibular joint problems, commonly known as TMD. Your initial consultation and exam, including your X-ray, are always complementary here in our office.

I have a wedding, graduation, or special occasion in 6-12 months, and I would like to get through treatment in a rush. Is that possible?

Yes, here at Braces R Us Orthodontics, we offer the V-Pro 5. This unique auxiliary device is used in just 5 minutes a day to help curate and move the teeth twice as fast. The V-Pro 5 will help reduce treatment time and allow patients to be in and out of braces or Invisalign in half the time. The V-Pro 5 has shown to reduce discomfort up to 50%, which can drastically help patients who have a lower pain tolerance. . Ask a front desk team member at Braces R Us Orthodontics today to see if you qualify for the V-Pro 5.

Why do we at Braces R Us orthodontics do what we do?

Our Doctor lives and breathes orthodontics, no he really does. He loves it so much he often comments saying that he won’t retire because he loves working with our patients, staff, and he just loves what they does. Braces, ARE, Us. His greatest joy is to see that he can give someone the confidence in their broad beautiful smile and how their smile impacts their life for the better. Now, our Doctor is a bit of what some would say, a perfectionist. But ask yourself, isn’t that what you want out of your smile, perfection?

We just love working together. No, we really do! We are often found playing jokes on each other, having fun, and just enjoying each other’s company. We feel like family and often have our patients join in on the fun. It is good, clean fun and we have been told by parents and other dentists alike that we have the most fun office around. For us, it just makes the day go by quicker and makes our work not feel like work, but like home. Come see what others are enjoying about our team!

Dr. Troy Williams

D.D.S., M.D.S


Orthodontic Assistant


Head Assistant


Office Manager


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